Spring Tennis clean-up day

We will attempt to have our annual court clean-up day on Saturday, April 8th @ 9:30. ('rain/snow date' the following Saturday) We will be prepping the courts for the annual re-dressing and putting the lines back down.  The courts normally re-open on/about April 20th, weather permitting.  Pls refer here or on the main gate of the courts for upcoming tournaments and updates.

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Friends Monthly Board Meeting

The monthly meeting of the Friends is held every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 3:30 in the Administration Building and is open to the public. We encourage any and all to join us...pls call 584-2000 for more information.

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The Aesthetics of the Greatest Buildings at the Saratoga Spa State Park

by James K. Kettlewell What is the greatest and most moving work of art that one can experience in the entire surroundings of Saratoga Springs? Quite simply, the marvelous architectural composition at the Spa State Park, which includes the Hall of Springs, the Theater and Administration Building, the two Roosevelt Baths, the sculpture on the buildings, and the grassy mall and reflection pool that lies [...]

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The Hemlock Trails

by Don Nichols The Hemlock Trails are probably the least used in the entire Spa State Park because they are off by themselves approximately one half mile east on Crescent Avenue. Although actually a contiguous part of the park, this area is separated from the main park areas by South Broadway (Route 9 The area's three interconnected trails are each quite different for exploring this [...]

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The Polaris Spouter Spring

by Aime (Trent) Millet The Polaris is a delightful spring. Whether there is a child placing his foot on the spout to spray his friends or a group of visitors enjoying the taste of its tangy waters, either straight or mixed, Polaris is a welcoming water. The Polaris Spring always seems delighted to dance in the sunny or gloomy days to greet those who approach [...]

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