by Don Nichols

The Hemlock Trails are probably the least used in the entire Spa State Park because they are off by themselves approximately one half mile east on Crescent Avenue. Although actually a contiguous part of the park, this area is separated from the main park areas by South Broadway (Route 9 The area’s three interconnected trails are each quite different for exploring this part of the park. The White Trail is along the eastern side, the Blue Trail in the center and the Green Trail in the south area where the park’s management plans to add several more trails in the future. Because of small streams and some standing water, the trails have many small bridges most of which are in need of repair and that is planned to be done by park workers and volunteers in the near future. New trail markers for many spaces along the trails will soon be placed. This area of the park is heavily forested in most areas and show signs of having been cleared at some time for farming. The stands of pine, spruce, fir and of course hemlock some of which may be original give the feel of the “forest primeval.” Very beautiful. Hardwoods such as grey birch, beech, oak and plenty of maple are also in great abundance.

The Saratoga Spa Park is the place for people of all ages and all interests to constantly discover or rediscover something new.